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London Fire Brigade: Home Fire Safety Visit (HFSV) Referral Details

London Fire Brigade (LFB) have changed its approach to Home Fire Safety Visits (HFSVs) based on a Cause of Concern from His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary Fire & Rescue Service's. The new approach prioritises the most vulnerable Londoners and allocates the majority of safety advice resources to them. The way HFSVs are carried out will remain the same, but very high risk people will now receive a quicker response time within approx. 4 hours, 24/7. For more information, click the document below or alternatively, click here

The London Fire Brigade's new approach for fire safety is based on four new risk categories informed by historic data. Low-risk individuals will no longer receive home fire safety visits or free smoke alarms, but will be encouraged to use an online Home Fire Safety Checker for tailored advice.

LFB aims to reduce the number of Home Fire Safety Visits (HFSVs) carried out by firefighters and prioritise their time towards those most at risk from fire. A new prioritisation system, based on risk categories, will be implemented for individuals identified as being more at risk and in need of a HFSV. The new categories and approach are detailed as follows:

  • Very high risk – For people in this category, LFB is aiming to undertake a HFSV within four hours of them having been assessed. This will apply 24/7 so even if contact is made overnight, firefighters will be able to undertake a HFSV and seek to reduce that person’s risk. 
  • High risk – LFB is targeting providing a HFSV to people in this category within seven days of them being assessed.
  • Medium risk – LFB is targeting providing a HFSV to people in this category within one month. 
  • Low risk – Directed to the online Home Fire Safety Checker (telephone visits will also be offered in future once the process has been finalised).

To meet this new service, LFB would categorise an individual as being very high risk if they have all of these six characteristics.

  • A smoker
  • Living alone
  • Over 60 years old
  • In receipt of care (informal, formal or both)
  • No working smoke alarms in their home
  • User of mobility aids, or chair/bed bound

A very high risk individual can also be identified if they are at risk or are a victim of arson.

If anyone you know may fall into the very high risk category, then it's encourage that you to refer them for a HFSV as soon as possible by calling 0800 028 4428.


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