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Vulnerable adults in specialist care & residential homes

What is a residential care home?

If you are unable to safely receive support in your own home, a residential care home is where you can live safely by receiving a level of support with your accommodation and personal care. You will also be provided with regular daily meals. 

Staff employed in the care home will provide you with the care that you need, and the Community Nursing Service will help with any nursing needs. 

What is a nursing home?

A nursing home, sometimes called a care home with nursing, will provide you with care if you have regular nursing needs. Care and any treatment needed will be provided under the direct supervision of a registered nurse, with some care homes providing specialised care and support for older people who have advanced dementia. 

Some people may choose a care home that provides both residential and nursing care so that if your health deteriorates, you do not need to move. You can also stay together with your partner in such homes if you have differing care needs. 

Types of care home

Bromley have a range of care homes for:

  • older people;
  • people with learning difficulties;
  • people with physical disabilities or sensory impairment;
  • people with mental health problems and
  • people with dementia.

To find out how to arrange a place in a care home you can visit the council's website here.  

Support and care services 

A guide to independent living, support and care services has been produced by Bromley Council, which provides valuable information to help you make informed choices about your life. This includes information on nursing and residential care homes, which you can view here or by downloading the following guide. 

Bromley support and care services directory

Safeguarding vulnerable adults in care home settings

When adults become unwell, whether that be because of mental health or physical issues, this can make them more vulnerable to neglect or abuse. The safety and well-being of the those living in care home settings is important. Residents will often rely on their family and friends to raise concerns, as they become less able or less inclined to question the level and suitability of care being provided. 


The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. It provides free, independent reports on the quality of your local homes and care services to help you make an informed choice. It also provides advice on What you can expect from a good care home.  We recommend you view the most recent inspection report and quality rating before contacting a care home.


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