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Trading standards

Rogue traders and scams

Bromley Trading Standards are always working hard to prevent Bromley residents from becoming victims of doorstep crime, particularly those who are most at risk in our communities - find out more here

The Trading Standards team would be happy to meet and speak with individual teams & organisations about scams and doorstep crimes – recognising the signs and how to protect your clients .  The team can visit your premises on dates convenient to you.  Please email trading.standards@bromley.gov.uk with the name of your organisation, location and some suggested dates, referencing the Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board website.

Safe Local Traders

Trading Standards Checked is a fair trader directory for trades in the home maintenance sector run by the London Borough of Bromley. Together with our members, we aim to prevent financial abuse, stop doorstep criminals and protect residents, especially the vulnerable, from criminal and rogue traders.

We know it is difficult to find a safe and reliable trader that you can trust. Trading Standards Checked carries out thorough checks on traders and has access to information that no other scheme in Bromley has, so you can have peace of mind when choosing a Trading Standards Checked trader to do work in your home.

Find our more information here

Trading Standards Alert! 

These were first launched February 2021 by the Trading Standards Team at Bromley as their new way of sharing information with you about scams and doorstep crime.

You can find out more about these from their main webpage here

Scam alert sign up form

Sign up to the latest scam information from the trading standards team at Bromley.

It’s their new way of sharing information with you about scams and doorstep crime.

This will quickly alert you to any emerging scams; making you aware of new ways the scammers are operating, the different types, ways to spot them and tips to prevent you and your network from becoming a victim of scams, as well as what to do if you are tricked into a scam – and sadly anyone can be!

To maximise the coverage, we would encourage you to circulate the Alert! around your network - family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, clients and members of groups or organisations you’re a part of.

Sign up here!

Spot the signs of financial abuse

Doorstep crime is financial abuse and ruins lives as criminals prey on the vulnerable by gaining their trust and convincing them that urgent work needs to be carried out, which is usually unnecessary. Large amounts of money are then defrauded from the victim.

You can find out how to spot the signs of financial abuse by watching the following video produced by Kent County Council.  

How to report rogue traders

If you or someone you know has been, or is likely to be tricked into handing over money for unnecessary property repairs or garden work, then call the Rapid Response team on 07903 852090.  In appropriate cases, officers from the the team will quickly attend and investigate. 

This Rapid Response Service is for Bromley residents only; if you live outside the borough, please contact your local Trading Standards Department through your local council.

Useful information

The National Trading Standards Scams Team: Call Blocking Project

The National Trading Standards Scams Team was thrilled to announce the public launch of their award-winning call blocking project on Monday 14 August 2023. For more information, please click here. Alternatively, you will be able to apply via: www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk/callblocker


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