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Safeguarding Adult Reviews

What is a Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR)?

The Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board may carry out a Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR), as outlined in Section 44 of the Care Act 2014, when a vulnerable adult has died or been seriously harmed, and abuse or neglect is suspected. In such cases a SAR will be commissioned where there has been multi-agency involvement and it is believed that there are lessons to be learnt about how organisations have worked together to prevent similar deaths or injuries happening in the future. SARs look at how local organisations have worked together to provide services to the vulnerable adult(s) who is/are subject to review. A SAR is completely separate from any investigation being undertaken by the police or coroner.

Who undertakes Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs)?

Safeguarding Adults Reviews involve people from the various organisations who were involved with the vulnerable adult. There will be a Chair who is independent and someone responsible for writing the final report, known as the Overview Report Author. At the end of the process the final report is produced which is agreed by the Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board.

How long will the review take?

The review should be completed within 6 months of the decision being taken to start the review. Sometimes this timescale needs to be extended.

How are families involved?

Families and close friends and carers, where relevant and appropriate, will be given the opportunity to share their views and comment on the services the adult at risk received. They will be contacted to offer to arrange a meeting by those undertaking the review. If wanted a named person will be available to answer questions, update the family on progress and support them on any specific concerns. When the review is complete there will be a follow on meeting offered to outline the findings and recommendations of the review. Families will also be provided with a copy of the executive summary.

Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) publications

It is not currently a statutory requirement to publish reports however, it is recognised good practice to demonstrate the level of transparency and accountability needed to enable lessons to be learned as widely and thoroughly as possible. It is therefore our aim that all reports are published in full unless:

  • publication could be deemed to be detrimental to the person’s wellbeing or
  • the person, or their family member(s) who act/acted in the persons best interests, ask for the report not to be published

Where a report is not published for reasons mentioned above, we will produce a practice briefing containing learning identified to ensure professionals are able to understand what happened and, crucially, what needs to change in order to reduce the risk of similar tragic events happening in the future.

Bromley Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs)


June 2023

Deborah SAR 7minute Briefing


February 2023

Sylvia SAR

Sylvia SAR 7minute Briefing


February 2023

Catherine SAR 

Catherine SAR Executive Summary  

Catherine SAR Easy Read  | Catherine SAR 7minute Briefing



October 2022

Ms Bubbles SAR 

Ms Bubbles SAR Executive Summary 

BSAB Webinar: Environmental Health - How can they help you and your clients! - Sarah Newman delivers a comprehensive session on Environmental Health, emphasising all public protection services available whilst also drawing on insights from the recent Ms Bubbles Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR).


August 2022

RC SAR - Executive Report 


March 2019

Ms A SAR - Executive Summary 


National Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs)

We can learn from local and national SARs that have been conducted and are now published, some of which you can find below.   

Further SAR examples can be found in the National SAR library below. 

Useful Information

2019 Triennial Analysis of Serious Case Reviews: Local safeguarding partnerships - July 2020

This briefing summarises themes emerging from the 2019 Triennial Analysis of Serious Case Reviews 2014-17, presenting key messages for local safeguarding partnerships.


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